webinar:Converting Flash eLearning to HTML5

about our webinar

Flash is dead, long live HTML5! If you have been around eLearning for some time you​​ probably have heard that Flash is coming to end of life this year. This means that your older eLearning courses will no longer work. 
Flash was the most common technology used to create eLearning in the past, so if you manage courses or have an LMS there is a good possibility that some of your older courses are Flash based. 
This webinar will cover how you can convert your eLearning courses from Flash to HTML5 so that you understand how to manage this transition. 
This webinar will be 30-minute in duration. We will leave time for questions during and after answering as many as we can live and following up with any others afterwards.

wHAT WE will coveR:

  • Why is Flash Ending and what are the implications?
  • How to identify if you have Flash courses?
  • Best practices for efficiently converting your courses?
  • Understand what courses need to be updated?
  • Your Questions Answered!


Sean Delaney is the founder and managing director of Cobblestone Learning.

Sean has worked in the learning industry for over 15 years specialising in digital/online learning, instructional design and learning strategy. Sean has worked with multinational organisations on projects in a wide range of industries including Telecoms, IT, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Professional Services and Retail.

Sean holds an MBA from University City Dublin and a BA in ICT from Trinity College Dublin.