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An interview with
Kelly Mallon
Digital Designer
eLearning Developer
Fairytale Enthusiast
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We recently sat down with one of the Cobblestone team to pick their brains about what they enjoy most about Learning Design and eLearning Development. Read the full interview below.

1. Your Spark for eLearning: What Drives Your Passion?

I came to eLearning through a lifelong passion for storytelling and a newfound interest in graphic design. I had always been involved in some form of writing, whether it be journalism or fiction, and was working in personalised children’s books around the time I decided to upskill and do a Digital Media Design course. Perhaps it would enhance the books; or maybe I would do something completely new – like eLearning design.

2. Creative Insights: Where Do You Find Your Muse?

I often find inspiration in film – the combination of music, visuals, and storytelling. I love the quirky aesthetics of early Tim Burton movies and the epic scores of Danny Elfman. I’m also inspired by the simplicity of children’s books where capturing the reader’s attention and taking them on a journey is more important than impressing with intellect. However, I don’t need to look too far for a muse. I have colleagues who write murder mysteries in their spare time; others who share my love for fairytales but add amazing artwork; more who are involved in animation and serious game creation. I could go on.
Illustration of 2 female characters in a wood in the style of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman.

3. The Joy of Learning: What New Skills Have You Developed?

I take great joy in creating animation and video for eLearning courses. The talent at Cobblestone is phenomenal so even to look through the back catalogue is motivating. These are new skills for me, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the challenge. Animation is so important, and impactful, in dealing with complex or difficult subject matter and I’m delighted to get a chance to do it.

4. Beyond the Screen: How Do You Balance Tech with The Human Touch?

At Cobblestone, we value innovation as a team. We like to come up with new and interesting ways to deliver content so that interactions are compelling and memorable. We have regular meetings to swap ideas, new technologies, and interesting finds. I like to keep abreast of what’s going on in the industry around AI and try out new advancements as they arise.

5. What is Your Most Memorable eLearning Moment?

I still enjoy how we can become immediate yet fleeting specialists on almost any subject matter. Once tasked with creating a specific farm machinery graphic, I found myself embroiled in a world of front-end loaders and three-point linkage. Later that day I might have been researching data security or sustainability.
There is rarely a dull moment in eLearning…

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