D&I in the workplace

The obstacles of D&I in the workplace

In Diversity and Inclusion by Mark Stewart

Why isn’t every workplace a D&I utopia?

It is a fairly legitimate question. We know that having different perspectives and experience can bring huge benefits. This includes faster problem solving, increased creativity and innovation as well as higher employee engagement and bigger markets and a better corporate reputation. Basically a more profitable company, a more fun place to work and more opportunities for employees.

Maybe smoking is not beneficial for your health but that doesn’t mean you are going to stop immediately. Or just because people know they should exercise, eat well and be mindful doesn’t mean they will.

There is a similar problem going on with Diversity. We are going to have a look at some of the other objections that we have come across when it comes to creating a better and more inclusive work environment.

In our brand new D&I in the workplace course we do not shy away from the fact that you as an individual and companies as a whole, face hurdles that can easily trip them up.

Join us to discover the five biggest obstacles and how they can be overcome.

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