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The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

In Diversity and Inclusionby Mark Stewart

As a team we have put in a lot of time reading the research and learning from the experts to get a a clear understanding of why it is such an important topic.

There are two major reasons why you should be more Diverse and Inclusive. Cobblestone have dug deeper to connect the dots and have a look at the small benefits that add up to something greater.

The first reason has already been covered in much detail elsewhere and it is not something that we are going to dwell too long on. Creating an inclusive work environment is fundamentally the right thing to do. We are much more interested in the second reason.

An increase in Diversity and Inclusion will likely lead to growth in the company and more opportunity for you as an individual. This is something that we knew that we had to examine in much greater detail. We decided that it was not good enough to simply be told this is the case. We had to understand why this is the case, what are the steps taken or elements required to get from implementing D&I to becoming a more profitable company. In this course we attempt to connect the dots.

In the video we mention the McKinsey study that found huge growth in gender and ethnically diverse companies. We look specifically at the results of the changes that companies make and the consequences of the actions that will lead to such great results.

In the first module of our course we distill the positive benefits down to a compact list of five major benefits that lead to greater success. Other modules, cover the obstacles, fears, unconscious biases and how to take your best step forward.

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