Systems Training

Many of us use diverse software programmes in our day to day jobs. It's often industry standard products from Microsoft or Google or maybe Salesforce or SAP systems. But staff also use a lot of in-house software or software that is customised for your organisation. How do we ensure staff are trained on these systems?

That's where we come in. We create customised System Training for customised or tailored solutions where off-the-shelf video content is just not relevant. We often work with customers in parallel to go-live, so when the system is ready to launch we ensure that online training is in place for staff.


Launching a new software system is disruptive. It often changes the way people work, can cause some anxiety or at least a number of questions. When staff are trained and prepared, they will be more likely to engage with a new system and be motivated to use it and learn more about it and generally have a more positive attitude to the system. 

Some other benefits of creating system training are: 

·        Remote staff and contractors can also be trained 

·        Can be included in your onboarding training for all new staff 

·        Can be used as a reference at the point of need

What do you create?

  • Training Simulation

    In a training simulation we ask the learner to explore through a simulated version of the system. We give them tasks to complete and provide tips along the way. The difficulty level or the amount of guidance can change as they progress through the simulation. This gives learners a way to practice tasks in a safe environment rather than on a live system.

  • Video Demo

    Sometimes a demonstration is all that is required. Remember this is training not a guide or user manual. We still provide the context and rational behind a change and provide instruction throughout the demonstration. We often break demonstration videos up into shot bite-sized pieces, that follow a logical order in line with the workflow. They can also be used as a resource to dip into later for a refresher.

  • eLearning Course

    Often it is not just the system that is changing, but the business process and workflows are changing too. There may be information, variables or logical structures that staff need to understand before they get hands-on with the system. In these cases, we embed demonstration video and simulations into interactive content, where we cover the what needs to be understood before getting value from the new system. order in line with the workflow. They can also be used as a resource to dip into later for a refresher.

So how do we work?