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Security Training

SERIMA1 is a wholly owned Irish Company providing  Security Consultancy, Support Services, and Training. With over 50 years experience in the financial services and criminal justice systems, SERIMA1 have developed a unique product to protect businesses against the risk of Armed Raids and Robberies.

What was the opportunity?

SERIMA1 is a growing company who regularly host training in a variety of security areas including vulnerability audits, loss prevention control, and security readiness. SERIMA1 provides effective security training so staff will understand their responsibilities regarding security, how to manage risks, and post-robbery considerations.

The solution

In partnership with the team at SERMA1 we developed an online course that introduced participants to security awareness.

Some features of the course include:

  • Video Scenarios
  • Interactive content to increase engagement
  • Current news articles
  • Animated video and screencasts
  • Loading to CourseDoc to facilitate course reporting
  • Dramatisation Scenarios

These features enabled the lessons to be highly interactive which encourages engagement. Dramatisations and personal accounts of incidents were specifically created for this course conveying the serious subject matter. This added a depth to the course allowing employees to relate to real-life security incidents in an environment similar to thier own. The course design is compatible with mobile devices allowing staff to complete the course on the go and in their own time. Multimedia components including audio and video provides the staff with an engaging experience.

What were the benefits?

This dedicated security awareness programme for Credit Union employees delivered via eLearning increases staff security awareness protecting themselves, their colleagues and their business. Employees were able to learn important skills such as the do’s and don’ts in the event of an armed robbery. SERMA1 hosted the course on our “CourseDock” Learning Management which provides managers with reports regarding course completion and assessment scores.

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