Riptide Academy is an education technology startup that is changing the learning experience in secondary schools with collaborative, blended and project-based learning solutions. Their first product, AppAce, focuses on the development of technical, business and entrepreneurial skills. Riptide Academy’s addressable market is the global secondary education sector with 455 million students.

What was the challenge?

Riptide has ambitious goals to change the face of education by moving from rote learning and subject based learning to cross subject project based learning. Riptide wanted to implement a learning solution that was a blend of teams working in classrooms and also online over the course of the programme. The solution needed to cater for brainstorming sessions, Innovation training, practical presentation skills in addition to learning about topics such as digital marketing, prototyping and finance.

The solution

Cobblestone Learning developed the content for the learning programme that covered 20 distinct topics. Students were grouped into small teams of 4-5 students and were provided with an online space for content and to collaborate. The students were tasked with creating their own business, from ideation to prototyping to marketing and making a final pitch. Each topic was incorporated into a project as the business developed. Online multimedia material was created where students could learn and collaborate online. Students then had tasks to complete such as market research, logo design or business model creation. Participation was encouraged by creating a gamified experience providing a points, badges and leader board solution.

What were the benefits?

Innovative solution offering digital learning content and online interactive content for students to learn the principles, case studies and tools used in technology, business, soft skills and design. Learning Platform supporting both online and offline collaboration capturing learning events and stimulating participation. Engaging solution that increased learner participation by using a gamification engine to create a competitive challenge for students.