OPENET case study

Onboarding new employees

OPENET is Ireland’s largest privately owned Irish software company. OPENET provides software solutions and consulting services, enabling their customers such as Vodafone, T-Mobile and Verizon to better engage their customers.

What was the opportunity?

OPENET is a growing company who regularly conduct employee onboarding, ranging from graduates to experienced professionals. Naturally, OPENET want to make the onboarding experience enjoyable and effective for new starters. When starting a new job people have many questions and are curious to learn as quickly as possible. They want to know about their particular job and responsibilities and also the company in general.
OPENET wanted to ensure employees were informed about how the company operates; their policies, benefits and the available supporting resources that enable staff to be their best, but they did not want to overload the new employee who has a lot to take in their first few weeks.

The solution

In partnership with the team at OPENET we developed a series of online courses that complement other parts of the OPENET onboarding programme.
The programme is designed for new employees to take the first course before their first day on the job so that some of their burning questions are answered in advance and their introduction to the company is stress-free.
The remaining courses are taken during the following months and cover a range of topics in a structured way. New employees learn about the company’s vision, strategy, policies and benefits, products and services, organisation structure and performance management among other areas.

Some features of the courses include:
– On-site video shoots and photography
– Interactive content to increase engagement
– Animated video and screen casts
– Loading to Learning Management system to facilitate course reporting

What were the benefits?

New employees receive the knowledge and skills they require for their job before they start their first day.
A structured, dedicated onboarding programme delivered via eLearning increases employee speed to performance, supporting them to quickly become productive.

The onboarding process is more consistent for each new employee.
The programme facilitates employees joining individually or in groups.
Management /senior staff can save time during the onboarding process.

Could you benefit from offering a consistent, cost effective onboarding experience for your new staff, contractors or customers?