AchieveForum focuses on the most critical element to the success of any organisation: leadership.

Their content is derived from extensive research and built on key leadership capabilities. It helps develop leaders at every level and focuses on the key challenges facing today’s organisations. AchieveForum partners with clients to design and execute leadership development solutions that drive business results. Bringing together the global leadership capabilities of AchieveGlobal and The Forum Corporation, AchieveForum’s legacy includes hundreds of clients across more than 50 countries and the capabilities to address the most pressing leadership development challenges.

What was the opportunity?

AchieveForum had an extensive body of existing eLearning courses. By modernizing the design and functionality, there was an opportunity to extend the content to new clients.

AchieveForum wanted a responsive design suitable for the millennial, busy, mobile learner.

What was the solution?

Cobblestone worked together with AchieveForum to convert five existing hour long flash based eLearning courses into a series of 30 5-7 minute micro lessons. We also storyboarded and built out a further 10 micro lessons on two new topics from AchieveForum classroom course guides.

The new bite sized lessons are more convenient and digestible, have a fresh look and feel with the new company colours and are compatible with mobile devices; the content reformats itself depending on the device it is being viewed on, utilizing more screen space than in the original ‘one size fits all’ design.

The lessons are highly interactive. They make good use of Elucidat features such as flip cards, videos with questions, surveys and data visualization. The scrolling format keeps content organised in bands, which allows the user to easily navigate and refer to earlier information. This is much more intuitive and in tune with current web design.

“Cobblestone were great to work with! They had innovative ideas for presenting the content in interactive ways. We were very happy with the way the project was run in terms of communication and timeline, and we were delighted with the final outcome.”

Elizabeth Griep, Sr. Director Product Design
Achieve Forum


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