convert your classroom material into online TRAINING

Let us take your training materials and transform them into an engaging eLearning experience.

why converting to elearning?

  • Expand your Reach

    eLearning opens a whole new world of possibilities for your business. Reach more people with online training than you ever could face-to-face.

  • Work with Professionals

    Through our work with diverse organizations, we have digitized content across a wide variety of fields, from university courses to sales training.

  • Improve your Training

    Re-imagine your training using videos, images, assessments, interactivity and so much more. We won't just digitize your training content; we will make it better than ever.

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should I take my training online?

eLearning is not just the future of training, it's the present. Businesses, educational bodies and countless other organizations are realising the power of online learning in delivering expedient, cost-effective employee training.

Working with Cobblestone Learning, you will benefit from our experience, knowledge, insight and expertise. We will compliment your training materials with multimedia, assessments and interactive options, crafting an enjoyable and effective programme that will revolutionise the way your business interacts with its employees.

how does it work?

We look to make the process as simple as possible for you. We take your existing documents and files and design a storyboard for your online training.

Once you are happy with the storyboards we will build out the eLearning courses. We can use your images or video or we can source appropriate visuals. We can also create some great animations to bring your content to life.

thinking about virtual training? we can help there too.

Why have virtual training?

As teams and organisations become more distributed, virtual training provides the much-needed flexibility that teams are looking for. Whether you have team members centralised or scattered throughout the world, you can bring them together for team-based training in a live virtual classroom.

Virtual training delivers the benefits of face to face training. Not to be confused with a webinar, virtual training sessions are specifically designed to support learning where we replicate the features of the classroom such as mini-group sessions, whiteboards and using multimedia. We also re-design activities to support discussion and practice in an online session.

the benefits

  • Deliver effective training remotly
  • Knowledge retention
  • Highly scalable
  • Increased convenience
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Increased participation and engagement
  • Immediate feedback on tests

Why move your classroom training online?

If you are just starting to think about implementing a virtual classroom for your organization’s training, it can seem very daunting. It is an involved process, but it is the way the world is headed as technology gets deeper and deeper integrated into our day-to-day lives at work and at home.

Your employees are constantly exposed to media and technology, and that spills over into how they expect to learn in their jobs. They expect fast, convenient, engaging ways to learn. So, as daunting as it may seem, you are on the right path to making a more meaningful, engaging training program.

With a virtual program from Cobblestone Learning, you can adapt confidently to the changing learning needs of today's digital workplace. 

Why work with us?

Virtual training isn’t just convenient and accessible. It can also expand and deepen learning beyond the capacity of a physical classroom. We use technology to help learners visualise their working environments and provide opportunities for simulation. We believe in the potential of online training and its benefits, which include:

Online learning

wider audience

Online learning

flexible schedule

Online learning

consistent experience 

Online learning

easily scalable

Online learning

Reduced costs

Increased Productivity Cobblestone Learning

increased productivity

Online learning

increased performance

Online learning

monitor performance

interactive activities to train your employees online

Active employee participation is key to a successful virtual classroom training experience. We can achieve this by creating learning activities that engage employees, provide opportunities to practice skills and to encourage discussion and challenge participants.

Online learning

Screen sharing

Online learning

breakout rooms

Chat Virtual trainining Cobblestone Learning

chat and feedback

Icebreaker Virtual trainining Cobblestone Learning

icebreaking exercises

Test Virtual trainining Cobblestone Learning

test questions

Online learning

poll questions


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