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Why have effective onboarding?

For any employee, the first days on the job are crucial. There’s a lot of people to meet, things to learn and questions to ask. With effective onboarding, we can make an often stressful time into an enjoyable, engaging experience that puts the new starter at ease.

the benefits

  • Motivate new starters
  • Makes them feel more productive
  • Reduces Stress
  • Makes them feel valued
  • Builds their confidence
  • Saves the draining of more senior resources in supporting them

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Why use elearning for onboarding?

With an eLearning onboarding program from Cobblestone Learning, you can get new starters off on the right foot.

All the resources they’ll need will be together in one accessible place and available anytime, anywhere via our online platform or your existing platform. Provide a road map for your new employee for their first 90 or 180 days so they can hit the ground running!

We develop your onboarding programme from your existing documentation, making your onboarding as unique as your business.

Why work with us?

Online learning isn’t just convenient and accessible. It can also expand and deepen learning beyond what is achievable face-to-face. We believe in the potential of eLearning training and its benefits, which include:

Reduced Costs Cobblestone Learning

Reduced costs

Cobblestone Learning Consistent Experience

consistent experience 

Increased Retention Cobblestone Learning

increased retention

Increased Productivity Cobblestone Learning

increased productivity

Multiple Employees Cobblestone Learning

onboard multiple new starters

Performance Cobblestone Learning

increased performance

Monitor Performance Cobblestone Learning

monitor performance

Schedule Cobblestone Learning

flexible schedule

how will the course work?

Our onboarding courses are divided into modules: small chunks of learning designed to fit around busy schedules.


Pre-Onboarding eLearning can bring your new starters up to speed before they even set foot in the building. This will be their first impression of your business. Create a memorable introduction that will have them excited to start their first day.

Here are sample modules that we can create, unique to your business:

Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module


An effective onboarding course is essential for instilling confidence in your new starters. Give them the skills to succeed with accessible and user-friendly modules such as:

Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module
Onboarding Module


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