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Moving towards a more inclusive workplace

In Diversity and Inclusion by Mark Stewart

Over the last few years we have all become a lot more aware of the need of having a more diverse and inclusive workplace. This is not just in some industries, it is a real issue in nearly every industry.

What took us by surprise…

The astonishing thing is that is not just those people that are being excluded that are affected. In actual fact it is having a negative impact on you and your company.

We decided to do some research about the benefits of what better diversity and inclusion can bring, but we also look at how to overcome some of the obstacles that might be in the way. We looked online and read books but we also spoke to a variety of people across different industries.

We know that in most companies it is most likely not the case that management and staff are sexist or racist or bigots. Instead what we have seen that in many cases there are more subtle obstacles and hurdles that can hinder progress when it comes to D&I.

While this  is one of the most critical topics of our times we have created our new suite of D&I modules where we keep it light and entertaining. We have taken inspiration from some of the most popular social media stars, we have mixed that with the best proven learning methodologies to create a list of topics and challenges for all learners to get stuck into.


Cobblestone Diversity and Inclusion Course Trailer from Cobblestone Learning on Vimeo.

Is your company looking forward to have a more diverse and inclusive workplace?

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