With coursedock lms, Improve employee performance and deliver workplace learning

CourseDock our hosted cloud-based Learning Management System, allows us to provide great learning experiences to keep your team up to speed. Manage your teams, their learning pathways, courses, learning content all in one place. 

Administer, track and report on participation to develop your people, onboard new staff and support compliance within your organisation. 


CourseDock LMS

custom portal for your company



CourseDock LMS

Create your own courses within the platform 

CourseDock LMS

Increase engagement using gamification elements 

SCORM Tin Can Support

Support SCORM/Tin Can courses

Flexible implementation Cobblestone Learning

Flexible features and implementation using Moodle at it’s core 

Great Learning Experience 

CourseDock LMS
Data Protection Network

you're in good company

The data protection network use Coursedock LMS to provide Data Protection training to thousands of users across the UK and Ireland.

Compliance and reporting made easy

CourseDock LMS

Stay on top of your competence planning and training obligations. 

With CourseDock LMS you can track, monitor and report on your team’s progress with attractive visual materials.

Support and Hosting 

Our CourseDock LMS solution is hosted by us. It is fully secure and maintained by our technical team.  

We protect your data and take our responsibility very seriously. We are compliant with general data protection procedures. 

We provide you with an Administrator login, where the experience is intuitive. For you anything you need, you can contact us for support along the way.   


Still need convincing? Check out our case studies for a better look at Cobblestone Learning in action.

CourseDock LMS