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We offer a wide range of customisable and scalable solutions to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, educational institutions, and organisations of all sizes. With our advanced LMS platform, you can streamline your training management processes, boost learner engagement, and optimise performance outcomes.
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Our LMS solution

Our hosted LMS solution has been designed to revolutionise the way you deliver online learning. Our LMS platform is a user-friendly software solution that empowers educators and administrators to create, manage, and deliver engaging eLearning courses effortlessly. Its versatile architecture allows you to tailor learning experiences that match your specific requirements.



Key LMS features

Content upload icon for features of our learning management system.

Upload Content

Add courses, lessons and topics using various multimedia formats.
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Streamline Admin

Manage users, courses, and assessments with our admin tools.

Add Gamification

Increase learner motivation with points, badges, and certificates.
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Send Notifications

Automatically trigger emails based on what actions learners take.
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User Profiles

Track individual learner progress and provide personalised feedback.
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Access courses across various devices for flexible learning.


Track Progress

Monitor learner progress and generate detailed reports.

Create Groups

Form departments or user roles, such as New Joiners.

Top LMS benefits

Flexibility and Scalability

Easily accommodate growing numbers of learners and courses.


Reduce training expenses with a centralised, digital learning environment.

Enhanced Learner Retention

Utilise advanced pedagogical techniques and interactive assessments.

See our LMS solution in action!

We worked together with UCD's Innovation Academy to provide a customised LMS solution that met their complex needs.

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UCD Innovation Academy LearnDash LMS custom solution.

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