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Tell me about a recent project you’ve worked on. What was unique or exciting about it for you?

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We worked on a project a while back with TrinityHaus. This was fascinating for me as they are a specialist department in the university that focuses on co-creation and the intersection between the built environment, health, wellbeing inclusion, climate action and sustainability. The project was to create a MOOC around Dementia Friendly Hospital Design.

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Cobblestone Learning

Can you share a challenge you faced in your recent project and how you overcame it. What was your ‘Eureka!’ moment?

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Really bringing the best design concepts to life. We had a lot of graphs and diagrams to work from. But the biggest triumph without a doubt was that we were allowed to go into Tallaght University Hospital to record 360 degree imagery, to create a VR activity of best design principles used by the hospital.

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Cobblestone Learning

How do you infuse creativity and innovation into your projects? Can you share a specific instance or technique that made a significant difference in the project.

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Finding the right cadence! I always think that for any course or particularly for longer programmes you need to work on finding the right cadence, by this I mean how you break down and treat the content and, more importantly, the cognitive load expected of the learner. You need to spread this out and mix passive learning with active engagement.

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Cobblestone Learning

How will you take what you have learnt from this project into future work?

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One of the main lessons I learnt from creating the MOOC was about the importance of self-reflecting and learners sharing their own experience. This is something that I have already taken into other projects.

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Cobblestone Learning

In a nutshell, what’s one piece of advice you’d offer to peers in your field?

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Do your research, find out what your target learners will react best to. Get as much practitioner insight as possible. And always seek to do everything possible and maximise the learning experience impact that you can get for your budget. Check out the course here.

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