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Cobblestone Learning

Briefly introduce the tool or innovation that excites you most in your field.

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I love smart forms. I know that it sounds strange, but I really enjoy drawing up detailed forms that include a good bit of conditional logic. This simply means that I will do a form that, depending on how a learner answers, the next question they see will be different. How the answers display are also key.

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Cobblestone Learning

Share the moment you realized the potential of this tool or innovation in your work.

02:17 pm


I had always liked forms from my previous role in website development and digital management. But the “Aha” moment came when I saw how useful decent forms could be within the field of online learning both from a needs analysis perspective as well as for course and project evaluation.

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Cobblestone Learning

Discuss any challenges you faced while using this tool and how you overcame them, including any notable successes.

02:24 pm


There are always challenges to make sure to get the form doing what you want to do. Obviously the triumphs are when learners submit the forms and you start to collect some really useful and sometimes unexpected results. Again it is always important to make sure that the date you receive is easily organised and you are getting something from it and it is not just data for the sake of data.

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Cobblestone Learning

Explain how you have personalised or innovated with this tool to suit your specific needs or creative style.

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I would say that one of the best uses of tools is some of the Formidable Forms that I have used in LearnDash courses. i.e. this is a 3rd party specialist form builder that I will integrate into our own customised client LMS.

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Cobblestone Learning

Speculate on the future implications or developments of this tool or innovation in your field.

02:41 pm


We live in a world of ever increasing amounts of noise. i.e. useless data. As this noise grows I think the most important thing is to continue to search for the meaning and ask as many questions as you need to ask in a form or survey, but never ask a single question more than you need to.

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