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Press release – Cobblestone Learning & Coillte. An award-winning eLearning solution

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Cobblestone Learning and Coillte won the IITD award in ‘Excellence in Digital Learning’ 2020

(Dublin, Ireland. 24 November 2017) For immediate release. 

One of the recent projects we were able to develop was an innovative solution for our client Coillte, a commercial forestry business in Ireland owned by the State, which manages approximately 7% of the country’s land. We designed and developed one of the most innovative forestry Health and Safety eLearning programmes available anywhere today.  

By using our learning design toolkits and design approach, we created interactive first-person branching scenarios, and time lapse drone with overlays to name a few features. We got to spend some time filming in forests around Ireland, which was a nice escape from the office, and to capture various potential hazards and forestry machinery performing operations. 

This eLearning solution was more than providing basic information but an interactive experience that changed behaviour, provided real life context and ultimately, reduced Health and Safety incidents. 

As a result of this project, Cobblestone Learning and Coillte won The National Training Award in Excellence in Digital Learning 2020 given by The Irish Institute of Training and Development, which recognises “an outstanding and innovative initiative which includes any type of learning that is facilitated by technology or by instructional practice that makes effective use of technology”. 

Excellence in Digital Learning from IITD on Vimeo.

Thelements of this customised eLearning solution included: 

  • A video-based first-person branching scenario where users get to choose next steps and experience the benefits or consequences of their choices during a working alone simulation.   
  • The use of aerial drone footage with motion graphic overlays to visualise parts of the forestry sites and explain concepts with a real-life visualisation.  
  • Extensive use of video for documentary style interviews and demonstration. Cobblestone and Coillte filmed over a 3-month period in various forest locations around Ireland (some more remote than others) to capture the various stages of the Harvesting Operations.   
  • Use of animated explainer video at the start of each course to provide an overview of the topics and to foster early engagement with the learner.  
  • A dynamic layout design of the course content that provide optimal display for the learner, whether they are taking the course on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. 

Cobblestone and CoillteThe benefits from this solution are: 

  • The immediate results from the training were thcost efficiencies associated with replacing the existing classroom training. 
  • There was a reduction in training time for contractors who were required to take this training. The classroom training was three hours while the online version of the training is 2 hours.  
  • Once a learner passes an eLearning course, their results are recorded and available to view on the Coillte Training Records Management System. The automated nature of the system means that the training records are always up to date and more easily accessible than ever before. 
  • In addition, there was also a removal of travel time for both contractors and the health and safety trainers to remote areas within the country. 

“If we had been told at the beginning of the pandemic that our business would continue to grow this year, and we would win an award, it would have been hard to believe. It is great for us to help diverse businesses to continue operating by adapting to the new ways of working and training employees.

Sean Delaney, MD at Cobblestone Learning 

About Cobblestone Learning:

Cobblestone Learning is an Irish eLearning design agency founded in 2015. With custom-designed eLearning solutions and off-the-shelf products, they help to improve their clients’ training performance in Ireland and abroad.  

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Sean Delaney – MD Cobblestone Learning 

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