A design
that works

We follow the ADDIE process in our project lifecycle, which works through the five phases of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. This means that we partner with you to create the best learning solutions. We’ll listen intently, provide advice and challenge each other to ensure we meet your learning objectives together.

A process designed
for collaboration

Birds eye view of collaboration in a meeting

Step 1 – Discovery

After initial contact, our process generally involves a meeting to discuss your project requirements in detail. We set the expectations for the project and communicate the project management tools and the full process we have in place - ensuring that you’re in the loop from start to finish.

Step 2 – Design

Our learning designers will take all the information gathered from our discovery meeting and brainstorm a learning solution that will meet your learning goals effectively. We explore the best methods of presenting the learning, the structure and any multimedia development that would support your objectives.

The suggested learning solutions are then presented back to you. Your input is invaluable at this stage, and we’ll move on to the next step once you’re happy with the proposed solution.

Learning designers brainstorming over a table
Learning Designer typing and taking notes for storyboarding

Step 3 – Storyboarding

While the design stage focused on the broad strokes, the storyboard stage is where we get into the fine details. Our expert designers will flesh out your learning design by writing the copy for things like assessments, video and animation scripts and real life scenarios. they will also describe source imagery and interactive content at this stage.

This step is your learning design expanded in written form. We work with you and your subject matter experts along the way to ensure that the experience is both correct and effective before moving on to the development stage.

Step 4 – Development

Once the storyboard has been signed off we begin with development. This is where the magic happens and your learning experience comes to life. This step could include, but isn’t limited to, animated videos, on-site videography and editing, graphic design, creation of job aids and course development in traditional e-learning authoring tools or standalone websites.

We maintain communication with you throughout this process and give you the opportunity to review at various stages along the way.

Designer working on a learning experience
Learning Designer implementing course through LMS

Step 5 – Implementation

Once development has been signed off, we move on to the implementation stage. This process would have been discussed in the discovery meeting and could happen in various ways. We work to industry standards, as such we can hand off online courses to your internal learning team, facilitate implementation through one of our Learning Management System solutions, or even assist with in person training.

Our expertise in learning mean that all steps up to this point would be designed with the success of implementation in mind.

Step 6 – Evaluation

Our expertise don’t stop at the creation of learning solutions. Once the learning is done we’re able to assist you with evaluating the data to measure it’s impact on the organisation. This will not only allow you to see the success of the training, but to make educated learning decisions going forward.

Team works on evaluation of a training course

Our project management system ensures that your projects stay on track. We’re all about open communication with our customers, and it's important to us that we meet your goals and deadlines with no surprises along the way.

The goal from the outset was to build courses of the very highest quality, and this was achieved by incorporating a variety of rich interactive elements in a thoughtful manner.
We really engage learners and help them retain what they’ve learnt.