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How to create online training for your software project.

In eLearning Basics by Sean

In our blog 6 benefits of creating online training for a Systems Integration project we discussed the benefits of systems training and how to overcome resistance to new system adoption.

Now we’re going to discuss how you can create online systems training in parallel to your software or systems integration project.

Let’s first look at the types of training you can implement.

Application Demos

Application demonstrations are where we record the screen of the application and demonstrate typical tasks that a user might need to complete. It is a good idea to map out all the required tasks, specific to different user roles as part of your planning for the training.

Tip: Using any user manuals or acceptance testing documentation can be a good guide to what tasks need to be trained.

Tip: Think about what data needs to be in the system before recording. The more realistic the system data, the better the learning experience will be. Often, we see delays in projects as they system data is not populated.


Simulations allow the user to click through the application or software to perform tasks on the system. The simulated environment can provide feedback and instructions for the user to follow as they progress through the system. Simulations provide the user with the ability to practice on a system and receive feedback. It is a great way to ensure that the learners really understand.

Simulations can also be set up as tests or games, where the user must complete the tasks and is scored on their progress. This way we can engage learners more and confirm that they really have proven they can use the system.

eLearning Course

For many new software or System Integration projects, there is also a need to communicate the rationale behind the change, feature description, business process and perhaps other off-system related changes.

In these cases, you can combine the application training with an online course that provides the information related to the project. This can be in the form of video, audio, text and interactive content. It can include quiz questions and online activities too, if that fits the need.

Help your team use these systems to get the most out of the job, and the business will get the most out of their investment. If you want to see if eLearning is the right solution for your systems training, book a 30-minute free discovery session with us and find out.