Learning Design Requirements Accelerator

In by Mark Stewart

Cobblestone Learning

Owner Details: Sean – [email protected] – +35319081582

Step 2A Learner Discovery

Now it is time for us to get a better understanding of the everyday needs of a typical learner:
Please put yourself in the shoes of, consult with or send this link to a “typical” learner:
Learner Input

Step 2B SME Discovery

Please request that the primary SME on this project fills in this section:
SME Input

Your Project Overview

Here is what you have submitted to date regarding the fundamentals of the project:

Entry created: April 14, 2021 at 10:41 pm
Last modified: April 14, 2021 at 10:41 pm

and then default html:

Your Name Sean
Your Organisation Cobblestone Learning
Email [email protected]
Phone +35319081582
Please provide us with a one line description of what your project is about. Skydiving training
Which statement best describes your project It is to improve the knowledge of staff on a particular topic
How formal is the project 8
Select which of the following describes the primary goal of the project Understand a new product or process
Please outline what the workplace performance that you hope to improve Train skydivers as part of a blended program.
Please outline what difference this learning will make within the organisation

Will train individuals.

How important is the ROI for this project 0
What other benefits would you expect from the project Skill development
What content do you have for the project? Old content to be updated
Project Owner / Sponsor Me

If you would like to edit you can view it here: