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Do you need to deliver your eLearning courses in more than one language? We can help with that.  

Translating eLearning courses can be a little more complex than translating text documents. Onscreen text, voiceover, videosassessments and any text within images or animations all need to be translated. Once everything is translated, we then re-build the course.  

Over the years, we have built a very efficient process for delivering high-quality eLearning translation services. Take a look at our guide here. 

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How we do elearning localisation?

eLearning translation

We translate your eLearning courses into the languages that your learners need. We do this in the same format that the course was created in, such as Articulate Storyline or Rise, Captivate, Evolve or Elucidat and provide you with your source files.

This means you can always make edits to the courses later. For new or existing courses, we first create a course script. This includes all the text or audio that needs to be translated including text on images. We translate the script, check it for quality control and then import the translated script back into the course.

We create .srt files (subtitles) as necessary and re-record audio too. Once the course is re-created, our translator will conduct a linguistic review to ensure everything is in order. Often you or one of your team will also review and provide your feedback.


  • Authoring Tools and LMS

    We translate courses built in the authoring tool used to create them or we translate courses created directly on your Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Scale and diversity

    We translate at scale, translating numerous courses into a variety of languages in parallel.

  • Accurate localisation

    We translate while respecting localisation needs: Not all hand gestures are equal, colours have different meanings and different images are appropriate for different cultures.

  • Experience

    We translate into all languages. Our experience gives us foresight to challenges that might arise in your project; for example, German text strings are longer, Arabic text runs right to left, while traditional Chinese runs vertically.

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As a custom design eLearning company, we have extensive experience translating eLearning courses. We have done this on a global scale for multinationals and companies with teams around the world.  
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