Bringing learning
to life

High production value is key to keeping learners' attention. We offer professional development in a number of authoring tools as well as expert graphic design and multimedia development.

Our tools support your LMS system and are accessible, multi-lingual and responsive. That's why our clients not only come to us when they need new courses but also when they need their existing ones redesigned.

Up-to-date authoring tools, accessible to all

We are professionals in several industry-standard eLearning authoring tools including Storyline, Rise, Elucidat, Captivate and more.  

Our digital courses look great and work effectively across all devices and platforms, and they are compatible with your existing Learner Management System. All our courses are compliant with accessibility standards. 

Multimedia devices for authoring tools
Man filming footage for eLearning course

From filming
to screen

Whether it is a face-to-camera piece on a specific topic or drone footage of your premises, we have you covered. We offer a professional videography service, both in-studio and on-site, and once we have the footage, our video editors will craft it into attention-grabbing, fit-for-purpose video. 


We offer an animation service to bring a new dimension to your learning. Animation adds an engaging element and can be used to illustrate topics that are difficult to explain through words alone, demonstrate how things work or even act as a breather when dealing with a complex subject. 

Animation on tablet for learning

Is translation
all Greek to you?

It's not to us. We are experts at translation for eLearning and have experience translating into over 30 languages. We manage the full process end-to-end and translate directly into your preferred eLearning authoring tool.

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By using our skills in writing, digital content and IT we bring your projects to life. We will help you achieve the learning goals of your organisation and your people, ultimately increasing performance.