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Transform your online learning vision into reality with our best-in-class eLearning development services. Our team of Articulate Rise 360 developers work with you to take your learning initiatives to the next level.

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Articulate Rise

Why Articulate Rise 360?

This cutting-edge eLearning authoring tool empowers users to create visually stunning, responsive, and engaging courses without the need for extensive programming skills. It's a game-changer for those seeking a user-friendly platform that seamlessly adapts to various devices, ensuring an optimal learning experience for your audience.

Why Choose Cobblestone Learning?

We have the expertise

We know Articulate Rise 360 and its benefits, limits, and optimal workflows. and how to successfully implement accessibility standards and translate courses. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, and this means staying up to date with the tool's features, capabilities, and best practices.

Tallaght University Hospital policies and procedures elearning course made by Articulate Rise 360 developers with an illustrated character in a blue hue
Illustration of a team working together to put jigsaw pieces together

We're all about collaboration

Before course development, we work with our customers to transform their existing content, from source materials and subject matter experts, into a comprehensive learning design. Our customers have input at every stage of our design process, so the project is never out of scope.

See some examples of our Articulate Rise 360 courses

British Standards Institute logo with transparent background

British Standards Institute

Converting traditional classroom content into online learning and delivered at scale.

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Family Carers Ireland logo with transparent background

Family Carers Ireland

Supporting carer's wellness and mental health with a free self-care eLearning course.

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Tallaght University Hospital Logo - Internal Compliance Training customer

Tallaght University Hospital

Embracing internal policies, procedures, and guidelines with eLearning.

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We want to be creative

We are not a passive design agency that just wants a list of instructions to work from. We want to engage with our customers to excite their stakeholders and provide them with a learning experience that is engaging and innovative. This means coming up with ideas that are out-of-the-box.

Illustration of person being creative and still of Irish Hospice Foundation animation
Cobblestone Learnings learning design process vertical

We strive for efficiency

One of the major things that sets us apart is our project management. Our refined learning design process ensures that all our projects arrive on time and on scope, while getting the most out of subject matter experts without taking up too much of their time.

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eLearning Services

Do you need to outsource Articulate Rise 360 development?


Outsourcing to professionals who are skilled in using Rise 360 ensures that the company benefits from their experience and knowledge of the tool.

Time & Resources

Developing eLearning courses can be time-consuming, especially if the in-house team lacks experience or is already stretched thin with other tasks.


Companies can pay for the specific services they need without the long-term commitment and expenses associated with maintaining an internal team.

Flexibility & Scalability

Whether it's a one-time project or ongoing support, allow for adapting resources according to demand without the constraints of a fixed internal team.

Latest Features & Updates

Outsourcing to experts ensures that the courses make the most of these updates, as professionals stay updated on the latest tools and techniques.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that the eLearning content developed meets high standards in terms of both functionality and instructional design.

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