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Comprehensive course development services

We understand that one-size-fits-all training solutions may not deliver the desired results for your organisation. That's why we offer comprehensive custom eLearning course development services. Our skilled instructional designers and developers work closely with you to create engaging, interactive, and impactful eLearning courses tailored to your specific requirements.

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How we create custom learning experiences

01. Discovery

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your training objectives, target audience, and unique challenges.

02. Design

Our learning designers will take all the information gathered from our discovery meeting and brainstorm your custom learning solution.

03. Storyboarding

While the design stage focused on the broad strokes, the storyboard stage is where we get into the finer details, like video scripts and real life scenarios.

04. Production

Once the course design is finalised, our experienced content developers bring your custom eLearning course to life.

05. Launch

Once your custom eLearning course is finalised and approved, we assist you in deploying it through your preferred LMS.

Key features of our custom eLearning courses


Real world challenges

Customised scenarios to mimic real world challenges.

Custom Course

Available on all devices

Mobile-friendly and responsive designs for learning on the go.


Gamification Elements

Gamification elements to enhance motivation and knowledge retention.


Interactive Content

Engaging and interactive content that captures learners' attention.


Multimedia Content

Rich multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and simulations.

Custom Course

Report on progress

Generate progress reports that capture the success of your courses.


Onsite videography

Make learners feel at home with familiar places, faces, and voices.

Custom Course


User-friendly navigation for seamless learning experiences.

Benefits of custom course development

Aligns with your unique needs

We tailor our courses to address your challenges, goals, and industry requirements. Ensure that training material is relevant and impactful.

Increase learner engagement

By incorporating interactive elements, multimedia, and gamification, our courses actively engage learners, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Improve knowledge retention

Our instructional design strategies promote active learning and knowledge retention, allowing learners to apply what they've learned effectively.

Cost-effective training solutions

Custom eLearning courses reduce training costs by training employees remotely. Minimise travel expenses and reduce downtime.

See our custom eLearning solutions in action

Health & Safety

We developed the most innovative custom forestry health and safety eLearning program available anywhere today.

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Discover how we helped OPENET deliver a structured onboarding programme for new staff via eLearning.

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Social Responsibility

An eLearning solution to help tutors prepare learning materials more efficiently for the National Adult Literacy Agency.

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Here for your custom eLearning courseware development needs

When it comes to custom course development, Cobblestone Learning is your go-to partner. Our expertise in creating personalised eLearning solutions tailored to your organisation ensures maximum learner engagement, knowledge retention, and measurable results.

Contact us today to discuss your custom eLearning course development needs and transform your training programs into impactful learning experiences.

Instructional designer reviewing elearning course design with colleagues.