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why converting to elearning?

  • Expand your Reach

    eLearning opens a whole new world of possibilities for your business. Reach more people with online training than you ever could face-to-face.

  • Work with Professionals

    Through our work with diverse organizations, we have digitized content across a wide variety of fields, from university courses to sales training.

  • Improve your Training

    Re-imagine your training using videos, images, assessments, interactivity and so much more. We will not just digitize your training content; we will make it better than ever.

should I take my training online?

eLearning is not the future of training, it is the present. Businesses, educational bodies and countless other organisations are realising the power of online learning in delivering expedient, cost-effective employee training.

Working with Cobblestone Learning, you will benefit from our experience, knowledge, insight and expertise. We will compliment your training materials with multimedia, assessments and interactive options, crafting an enjoyable and effective programme that will revolutionise the way your business interacts with its employees.

how does it work?

We look to make the process as simple as possible for you. We take your existing documents and files and design a storyboard for your online training.

Once you are happy with the storyboards we will build out the eLearning courses. We can use your images or video or we can source appropriate visuals. We can also create some great animations to bring your content to life.


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