Learning Consulting

Before implementing any learning intervention, you need to know what knowledge, skills and attitudes (competencies) you need now and in the future across each team within your organisation. Essentially to support the business, we want to know who needs to be developed and in exactly what.  

Our Learning Consultancy service is designed to answer these questions, ensuring that learning is managed in a meaningful, impactful and most cost-effective way, based on the resources and needs within your organisation.  

Problems we can help you solve

Strategic Competence Planning

Strategic competence planning can be conducted company-wide or for specific departments or teams. 

Improve an existing learning programme

We take your existing training programme and re-purpose or improve the training to ensure we get maximum results.

Training Needs Analysis

We create a clear picture of the current competence gaps, the priorities for learning and devise a plan for the most efficient way to bridge those gaps. 

Support your in-house learning team

We support your in-house team with what they need to manage the competence of your people.

Design a new learning programme

We look at the competence need, the target audience and the budget and resources available to design a tailored learning programme for your people.

What do our projects look like?   

Our consulting services can run for a couple of days to several months on-site for larger initiatives. We begin our engagement by taking a scoping call with you to learn about what you wish to achieve 

We use this call or meeting to get an understanding of the goals for your project, potential deliverables and to get a sense of the effort involved. We can then provide a proposal indicating what we can offer. Our consulting proposals are based on estimated person days and daily rates.

Why cobblestone learning?

Our Learning consultants are all senior learning professionals having worked for years across multinationals, government, SMEs, membership organisations and learning providers. This experience is international having worked with clients from around the world. It is diverse, having worked across many industry sectors, where we bring experiences from one industry into another. 

Our learning consultants have access to our knowledge bank of best practices, templates, process and of course each other, to provide the most efficient service. We have seen a lot of different learning needs and how they have been addressed. We have seen what works well, and what has not and have robust tools and processes to efficiently implement innovative and effective learning services.  

What can we help you with?

Contact us here to learn more about how Cobblestone Learning can support your business needs.