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LMS & eLearning Course Development

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Student Innovation Training

Key Challenges

Scale and diversify innovation programme delivery.

Developing ten eLearning modules.

Appeal to a wider audience of students and industry partners.

Key Features

Video recording

Online discussions

Interactive content

The Innovation Academy takes inspiration from the founder of UCD, John Henry Newman (1801 – 1890). He believed in combining different disciplines, rather than students being tied down. He wanted the university to develop more universal thinkers, shaping minds capable of engaging in many strands of knowledge. His commitment to diversity of thought remains central to their work at the Academy, over 165 years later.

In 2010, UCD became one of the first universities to offer experiential learning. Since then, thousands of students have discovered new ways of looking at the world. They design learning experiences in partnership with industry leaders, to give their students the key skills they need.

...the drift and meaning of a branch of knowledge varies with the company in which it is introduced to the student. If their reading is confined simply to one subject, …it has a tendency to contract their mind.

John Henry Newman

The Challenge:

The primary challenge faced by UCD Innovation Academy was to scale and diversify its Innovation programme delivery, transitioning from traditional classroom settings to an inclusive online platform. This platform was envisioned to cater not only to a wider student audience but also to industry partners, requiring versatility to function both as a standalone offering and as an adjunct to existing on-campus programmes. A critical component of this challenge included the development of a series of ten e-learning modules focused on Innovation training, necessitating secure student registration, authentication, and comprehensive administrative capabilities to support a dynamic learning environment.

The Solution:

Cobblestone Learning responded to these challenges with a twofold approach: a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) and the meticulous design of e-learning course content.

Learning Management System

The solution featured a sleek, fully responsive design to engage learners across devices (phones, tablets, PCs) from their first interaction. Key functionalities included user, group, and administrator roles, a customised video gallery for assignments, and robust reporting tools for tracking student participation, assessments, and progress. This LMS was tailor-made to address UCD's unique requirements, including user registration, profile management, course access, assessment oversight, and course reporting, all deployed under the UCD domain.
Cobblestone UCD Case Study

eLearning Course Design

The content development process was driven by the ambition to replicate the Academy's classroom success in an online format. Cobblestone Learning crafted twelve modules featuring bespoke videos filmed at UCD and around Dublin, interactive content, quizzes, and integrated online discussions to promote active learner participation. Each module was structured as an "Innovation Challenge," incorporating steps like Overview, Warm-up, Advice, Challenge, Resources, and Assignment, all storyboarded to include detailed learning objectives, video scripts, and animated content.

Some of the course features

Video Recording

Custom video galleries for uploading and peer review, with filmed lectures, advice from instructors, and animated content to enhance learning.

Online Discussion

Facilitated vibrant online discussions replicating in-class engagement, integrated with interactive modules to foster community and knowledge exchange.

Interactive Content

Engaging 'Innovation Challenges' with interactive exercises, quizzes, and resources, storyboarded for immersive learning across 10 comprehensive modules.

The Result:

The collaboration between UCD Innovation Academy and Cobblestone Learning yielded a comprehensive online platform that not only facilitated the expansion of the Innovation programme but also enhanced the learning experience. Students gained invaluable insights into disrupting and innovating within business environments, recognizing emerging opportunities, and effectively communicating their visions.

The platform and its courses were instrumental in nurturing, guiding, and inspiring students, enabling them to develop a purposeful career plan. Through this project, participants learned the essence of entrepreneurship and how to maximise their skills, embarking on the next stage of their journey with confidence and clarity.

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