Training tutors remotely to prepare their learning materials more efficiently.

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Custom eLearning

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Tutor training

Key Challenges

Prepare effective learning materials.
Highlight key considerations for diverse learners.
Enhance literacy and numeracy training.

Key Features

Expert advice

Virtual practice environment

D2L LMS integration

The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) is an independent charity committed to making sure people with unmet literacy, numeracy and digital literacy needs can fully take part in society and have access to learning opportunities that meet their needs.

They have put literacy on the political agenda and secured funding for the provision of adult literacy services. Currently there are 40,000 adults attending Education and Training Board (ETB) adult literacy courses nationwide.

For over thirty five years, NALA has worked, with enormous dedication and commitment, to ensure that people with literacy difficulties can access the learning supports they need, and to advance adult literacy policy through advocacy and through engagement with government departments and relevant organisations.
Michael D. Higgins
President of Ireland

The Challenges:

NALA set out to create a unique course for tutors, aiming for an engaging, interactive way to:

  • Prepare effective learning materials.
  • Highlight key considerations for diverse learners.
  • Encourage positive behavioral changes.
  • Provide real-world examples.
  • Support their mission to enhance literacy and numeracy training.

The course, designed to "train the trainers," needed to tackle the challenge of meeting the high standards of experienced adult literacy educators. These professionals demanded content that adhered to strict plain English and grammar standards. The goal was to craft an engaging course that not only meets these expectations but also serves as a practical guide and reference for tutors teaching adult learners, both in-person and online.

It would cover:

  • Choosing materials that match learners' literacy levels, interests, and abilities.
  • Finding and using resources to bolster literacy, numeracy, and digital skills.
  • Designing materials tailored to individual learning goals.
  • Applying best design practices to improve the learning experience.

They needed this course to be added to their new Learning Management Platform, D2L.

The Solution:

The learning goals

This project aimed to help NALA's tutors prepare learning materials tailored to various activities and student levels, making their prep more effective. Through this, NALA hoped to boost its role as an NGO, offering top-notch online training for those looking to better their literacy and numeracy skills.

Solution features

Expert Advice

Implementing expert-led, one-on-one dialogues bridged theory with real-world application, adding credibility and a personal touch.

Interactive Content

Tutors are kept engaged throughout the eLearning course by having to interact with the content through regular knowledge checks and assessments.

Downloadable Resources

We made learning stick by including handy downloadable checklists, catering to all learning styles and ensuring easy future reference.

Multimedia Integration

We enriched learning by seamlessly blending videos, images, and voiceovers into an engaging and diverse educational experience.

Virtual Practice

A hands-on space where tutors could play with materials, get instant feedback, and hone their skills, all while guided hints boosted their confidence and know-how.

D2L LMS Integration

We used Articulate Storyline 360 to blend custom interactive elements into NALA's D2L LMS, boosting engagement and interactivity.

The Result:

This course enables NALA to remotely train its tutors, ensuring they receive training that meets their learning standards. By integrating this new course into their own LMS, NALA can effectively monitor learner progress, easily generate reports, and manage content updates.

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