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Raising safety awareness through the use of an educational video.

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Increase safety communication.

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Dublin Port Company (DPC) is a State-owned commercial company responsible for operating and developing Dublin Port. Dublin Port is the largest freight and passenger port in Ireland with all cargo handling activities carried out by private sector companies operating in intensely competitive markets within the Port.

Dublin Port is one of five major ports classified as Tier 1 / Tier 2 ports in National Port Policy and categorised as core / comprehensive ports in the EU’s TEN-T network. Dublin Port’s large share of national port volumes, particularly in the Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo modes, arises due to a combination of two factors, location and depth of water. Dublin Port is a key part of the national port system and DPC seeks to ensure that it plays its role in providing national port capacity.

Dublin Port handles almost 50% of all trade in the Republic of Ireland. Located in the heart of Dublin City and at the hub of the national road and rail network, Dublin Port is a key strategic access point for Ireland and in particular the Dublin area.

The Challenge:

The port can be a very dangerous place to work. After working with the Psychology Centre of Trinity College Dublin, it was found that DPC needed to significantly improve communication about health and safety at Dublin Port.

DPC wanted to highlight their safety initiatives to staff and further promote their culture of safety. The goal of the initiative was to upskill all staff in relation to general safety awareness.

Some of the areas included were:

  • Managing safety and safety standards.
  • Bringing awareness to their safety committee.
  • Providing instruction on their safety equipment.
  • Outlining future plans for Health and Safety.

This Safety Awareness piece needed to cover a number of important topics but also was to be distributed across the entire organisations. They needed a solution that would capture the viewer's attention and also cover the all of the required content.

The Solution:

Cobblestone Learning and DPC designed a training video that would be easy to watch and include familiar faces and places from Dublin port. In partnership with the Health and Safety (H&S) team at DPC, we designed a storyboard and scripted the training.

Specific video techniques were used to cover each of the required topics. Face to camera pieces of familiar safety council staff helped increase the engagement with the training. Procedural demonstrations showed health and safety in action in the learner’s own working environment. Documentation, Signage and equipment was filmed onsite to showcase the H&S supports available.

The narrative for the video was created using a mix of voice over, onscreen text and interviewees. Motion graphics were also used to explain and visualize concepts throughout the training.

The training was shared with all staff and provided an interesting way to see their colleagues and different parts of the port while also developing their awareness of H&S initiatives at Dublin Port.

The safety standards, I would say, have definitely come up to a first class level.

Lenna Harcourt
Land Operations Support
Lenna Harcourt on Dublin Port Company Blue Background.

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