Implementing a transformative employee induction eLearning experience.

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Pillar game for new DAFM starters to identify divisions within the department in employee induction eLearning

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Employee Induction

Key Challenges

Ensure uniform, high-quality training for all new employees.

Create a sense of welcome and belonging.

Foster connections among staff.

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Knowledge checks and surveys

Gamified and interactive elements

Video interviews

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) plays a lead role in promoting competitive and sustainable economic development in the agriculture, food, forestry and fisheries sectors, including overall responsibility for public policy and administration.

The Department also has major regulatory functions, with the objective of maintaining the highest standards of food safety, consumer protection and animal and plant health.

With approximately 4,000 staff, the Department operates from six large centralised locations across the country, with a further presence in 16 regional offices and a large number of other locations countrywide.

The work that you do, wherever you do it in this Department, is contributing to making the lives of people in Ireland better.

Brendan Gleeson
Secretary General

The Challenge:

The Department was seeking an eLearning solution for a staff induction programme. The programme was required to be engaging and interactive, using the latest learning technologies to enhance the user experience and embed participant learning.

The Solution:

Cobblestone Learning embarked on a journey to help redefine DAFM's induction process. Their innovative approach incorporated tasks and activities outside of traditional eLearning modules.

This unique course flow not only imparted knowledge but also deepened the bond between employees, managers, and the organisation. It transformed learning from a solitary endeavour into a communal journey.

Stór program flow for employee induction eLearning courses.
DAFM learning stage A

Complete a module

eLearning modules are the base of the journey, introducing topics, providing information, and testing knowledge through quizzes.


Complete a task

Learners had to complete tasks related to the module topic, ensuring practical application of what they had learned.

DAFM learning stage C

Talk with a manager

The magic of the program lay in the discussions, allowing learners to share experiences, while building relationships with their colleagues.

DAFM learning stage D

Fill a learning journal

The journey ended with reflection. This allowed learners to assess their progress, identify areas for growth, and set personal and professional goals.

We’re not trying to be flash. Every module has a genuine feel to it and that shines through.
Mark Murray
Learning & Development Manager
Mark Murray speaking about authenticity in DAFM Employee Induction eLearning.

Interview videos

One of the crowning jewels of this project was the use of videos to enhance the learning experience. Interview videos were shot with DAFM senior management and staff. These videos provided a human touch to the training. Real people from different backgrounds shared their experiences and insights, inspiring new starters. The videos were integrated seamlessly into the eLearning modules, adding depth and relatability to the content.

To provide a consistent feel in each video, whether it be a scripted interview or more of a conversation, DAFM and Cobblestone collaborated on the creation of a logo for 'STÓR,' which translates as  treasure in Irish, symbolising DAFM's commitment to its staff.

The global impact of DAFM

Cobblestone introduced a globe interaction that allowed new staff to explore the world that awaited them at DAFM. With hotspots around the globe, learners could dive into DAFM's missions and markets abroad, accompanied by photos and videos of the Department. It provided an informative, interactive, and immersive experience, giving learners a sense of the global scope of DAFM's work.

DAFM Globe looking over europe, africa, and the middle east
DAFM Globe zoomed in for information on Geneva Switzerland

    The Result:

    DAFM's partnership with Cobblestone Learning yielded an engaging and effective Employee Induction eLearning Programme. Seven modules, introduction videos, and a learning journal came together to create 140 minutes of transformative training.

    The program seamlessly blended online learning with real-world tasks, manager feedback, and reflection. Interactive elements such as gamification, quizzes, videos, stories, and testimonials from long-time DAFM staff turned learning into an engaging, relatable, and inspiring journey. Cobblestone Learning's innovative approach helped DAFM nurture its greatest treasure - its people.

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