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Do you use Articulate Rise 360 authoring tool within your organisation? 

It is an industry standard content authoring tool, that allows to create flexible and customisable content with significant creative potential. 


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Articulate Rise

Our team of instructional designers write content with Articulate Rise 360 in mind, while our expert eLearning developers and graphic designers work directly in the tool. 

Over many years, we have developed numerous courses with Articulate Rise 360, so we know its benefits, limits, optimal workflows, and how to successfully implement accessibility standards and translate courses.  

A High-Standard Tool for High-Standard Organisations

Our design team has experience in creating interactive courses for global companies and can work rapidly to support your in-house team to get the most out of Articulate Rise 360.  

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We have created courses with Articulate Rise 360 Authoring Tool across a range of industries and sectors. Learn more about our work. 


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