systems training development

The unexpected results of systems training development

In eLearning Basics by Mark Stewart

Is your organisation planning on integrating a new system or improved software?

There are many many benefits of adding systems training, here are five you might not have considered:

1. Discover Short-cuts & Tools not previously imagined.

As employees start to use a new system or corporate software, they will often stick to the most basic commands and not be an efficient user. With most new software, it is highly likely that there will be 2 or more ways to perform key actions. Through the best systems training, your employees can see all of the ways that actions can be performed and decide what works for them and what is the most productive way of executing a task.


2. Catching bugs or faults in the system

When designing systems training videos or training simulations, our experienced designers will spend time completing comprehensive research into how everything works. We will be looking at your system from all user roles and potential tasks to complete.

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of professional eyes to pick up a bug or flaw that the developer might have missed or to improve the user experience.

3. Use as a guide to plan your next iteration

Similar to picking up bugs in the system, a great system training development project will showcase all of the benefits of a new system. It might also show up the shortcomings and limits of the system. As our Systems Training videos tend to give great overviews of the new system, we found that clients can user it is a tool when they are planning future iterations or the next phases of the systems development.

4. Use as a sales tool (internal & external)

There are many cases when the decision makers and especially those who make the financial decisions may not use a new system or key software, it simply may not be required in their role.

Therefore they may be unfamiliar with how it works. When they have access to systems training development videos, they are much more likely to appreciate the added value of both the custom systems training but also of the system itself. Likewise, this can be used with beneficial effects for acquiring new customers and for onboarding new staff.


5. Increase productivity way beyond expectation

Improved productivity and better staff morale are the obvious benefits of creating great systems training after a new system is installed. But there are some amazing results out there. Managers in various companies and industries have been stunned at just how impressive the increase in productivity among their staff has been.

When staff can use the new software and technology in the way that it is designed to be used then it is bound to show in their output and general performance.


Is your organisation planning on integrating a new system?

Get in touch today to discuss custom systems training courses, simulations and videos that will be perfect for you.