eLearning Design

Online learning is flexible and can be taken anytime, anywhere; from in the office to on-site, when at home or when traveling. Create unique learning content, specific to your goals and ways of working that sets your workforce up for success.

Save on the costs of traditional training methods and access learning in a consistent, flexible way around busy working environments.

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Case Studues

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Case Studies

Learning with impact

Focus on your learning experience to get the most out of your time.

Instructional Design

Instructional Design is a process that ensures learning material covers the right topics at the right level to target the right learning objectives. We need to respect learners time and create experiences that transfer the required knowledge in the most efficient way.

We also need to identify the competence gaps that will increase performance, for example sales are down, do we need training? What training?

Our learning design services helps you understand what your people need to learn and then creates a learning experience to meet those needs

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) allow your learners to take course on any device and reports on their usage. Basically it allows you to drip feed content, create online social learning environments, assess learner competence and host learner profiles.

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Learning Library

Cobblestone Learning Library offers off the shelf, in-depth IT and Business related courses. Individuals and organizations can access the entire library or choose just the single course you need right now.

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