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These days a job ad for an instructional designer doesn’t just list the requisite skills of working alongside SMEs and structuring courses from a variety of complex source materials. Since the advent of more user friendly authoring tools, it likely also has design and development requirements. Traditional instructional designers wouldKeep Reading
For the past 19 years, the Irish Institute of Training and Development has hosted their annual training and development awards recognising excellence in training and development programmes across Ireland. Cobblestone Learning and University College Dublin are delighted to be nominated within the Best Consultancy Partnership category for our online innovationKeep Reading
So you have recognised the need to provide online learning within your organisation, and realise that it can improve the performance of your people. It is important to recognise that providing elearning is a little more than adding existing content online. It is quite easy to convert a power point into a click through presentation in html5 format and there are a number of tools that allow you to do this in about 5 minutes. The challenge is that presentations and elearning courses are designed for different purposes and more often than not reading through an existing PowerPoint is equivalent to reading a web page, where information can be transferred but it is not optimal for building your knowledge, skills and attitudes in a particular area.Keep Reading
I have worked with learning evaluation teams, more from the Instructional design side, creating objectives, assessments and conducting observations and then handing over the data for analysis. I’ll share some of my learning. As a reminder Kirkpatrick’s levels are commonly used to define the depth of evaluation that will takeKeep Reading