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Hard working, friendly people dedicated to Learning, Innovation and Excellent Service

Instructional DesignereLearning Designer

Sean Delaney

Founder & eLearning Designer

Instructional DesignereLearning Designer

Francesca Heathorn

Instructional Designer

eLearning Business Development

Cormac McGovern

Digital Designer

eLearning Business Development

Jake MacManus

Learning Consultant

Who we are

Why choose Cobblestone Learning?

Cobblestone Learning is an eLearning design agency. We are a team of designers who improve workplace performance via customised eLearning courses and programmes. We work with your existing information, staff and subject matter experts to create relevant courses, tailored to your unique business and needs.

Our team is comprised of Learning professionals, digital content creators and IT professionals. Our founder and MD Sean Delaney has worked in the Training and eLearning Industry for over 15 years, managing teams in Ericsson and eBay before setting up Cobblestone Learning. The majority of our team work from our Dublin city-based office, where we use remote contractors from time to time as necessary.

What do you do?

We are learning professionals first, where we use our experience with the practical application of learning theory on every project. By using our skills in writing, digital content and IT we bring our projects to life. We will help you achieve the learning goals for your organisation and your people, ultimately increasing performance. It has to be a partnership, where we listen intently, provide advice and challenge each other to come up with the best solution together.

Our process generally involves a kick-off meeting or call to discuss the project requirements in detail. We set the expectations for the project and communicate the project management tools and process we have in place. We follow the ADDIE process in our project lifecycle, working through the five phases of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation for each project.

What type of courses do you create?

The answer is we create a broad range of courses. We have expertise in how people learn and in digital content. While we learn about your business and content during every project, we bring this learning and technical expertise to the table, while working with documentation and experts.

We have helped companies train their shop floor staff on customer service, their policies and their products resulting in a more motivated and competent workforce. We have created courses for marketing teams in the pharmaceutical sector to help them work in a more innovative way. We have helped a Telecoms multinational create a digital on-boarding programme for all their new staff, providing new team members with a welcoming informative experience that allowed them to be productive from the get-go.

Who are your customers? We design courses for multinationals, government agencies and small to medium sized businesses. We work with clients mainly in Ireland the UK and the US. See our case studies for more details.

How can we engage with you?

Start by contacting us via email or phone. We are more then happy to take a 30min discovery call with any potential new clients to discuss your ideas and needs. We can point you in the right direction, give you a better understanding of how to implement your project or provide some ideas based on our experience. If you want to engage with us on a project, we offer fixed price project as well as ongoing support.

  • InnovativeWe combine dazzling creativity with process-driven efficiency. Using our robust software tools and tried-and-true development process, we have everything in place to support your projects.

  • Learning We are driven by quality. The better the courses, the more effective they transfer knowledge to the learner. We ensure consistent quality in our customer training through rigorous internal quality assurance.

  • Trust

    We’re consultative, taking the time to ask the right questions from the start. We rapidly create storyboards and prototypes to find the best solution possible for your performance needs and budget.

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