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We are Cobblestone Learning.
A creative agency for online learning.

We can support your next project developing elearning courses and offering Learning Technology consulting. We are a creative team of learning professionals with strong Instructional and Multimedia Design skills.

More About Us

Our services.

Instructional Design

Design Instructionaly sound content, from your documentation, SME interviews and research.

elearning Development

Develop multimedia rich elearning experiences.

Learning Management Systems

We source, customise, and support LMS solutions for different needs.

Course Library

Learn IT, Technology and Business skills with access to our online course Library. Visit the Library

Case studies.

We work with organisations across a range of industries and sectors. Take some time to learn more about our work.

All Case Studies

The key to success is to appreciate how people learn, understand the thought process that goes into instructional design, what works well, and a range of different ways of achieving goals.Tim Buff

Find us.

5 Lombard Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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+353 1 9081582

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